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Friday, March 1, 2019

March 2nd NHD Regional Competition Results

  • Check here around 11:30 to see NHD Regional Competition Results.  
  • They don't typically all come out at the same time, so you may have to check in a few times to find out who is moving on to the Semi-Finals.
  • The Final Award Ceremony is supposed to begin at 5:00, so I should have all results posted by 6:00ish.

This link will connect to a Google Sheet that has all of the data for Chief's projects:

Thursday, March 29, 2018

An Interview with Mrs. Doughty!

 Check out my interview done for the Gilder Lehrman 2017 Washington State History Teacher of the Year!

National History Day Student Documentaries!

Check out the amazing documentaries that your fellow classmates have created!

Here's a link to my YouTube Channel:

Thursday, March 1, 2018

2018 SWWA Regional NHD Competition Results

The groups continuing on to the State Competition on Saturday, April 21 at Green River Community College in Auburn, WA.
Alternates will be notified in thw next few weeks if they will be competing at state if any grouos above the drop out.


Chief Umtuch Middle School National History Day Regional Competition at Cascade Middle School - 13900 NE 18th St, Vancouver, WA 98684
9:00Austin Cloke, Conrad Kallwick, Jocelyn HeathPERFORMANCE: Selling Souls for SugarRoom 132alternates at state competition 
9:00Austin Aho, Emma Lee, Isaac Lundy, Justin Ritola, Joseph DOCUMENTARY: the Japanese internment alternates at state competition 
9:20Chloe Marie StewartDOCUMENTARY: The French Revolution - How do the different estates view the French Revolution?Room 139not moving on
9:20Camila Gress, Jordan Peterson, Michelle Kelley, Paige BarrettPERFORMANCE: Abigail Scott Duniway: A Pacific Northwest SuffragetteRoom 1322nd place!
9:30Jocelyn Salzman, Sydney StaleyEXHIBIT BOARD: Poorhouses: The Struggle For Proper AidLarge Gym1st place
9:40Dominic MendozaDOCUMENTARY: Motown: How the Creation of a Record Company Changed the WorldRoom 139not moving not 
9:40Genevieve Linderman, Sabrina PrillDOCUMENTARY: Rights for the Weary: How the Civil Rights Movement Affected African AmericansRoom 1333rd place
9:45Colton SahotaEXHIBIT BOARD: The Pig War: How A Single Pig Caused An International ConflictSmall Gym6th place
9:50Ellie DurgarianWEBSITE: The Anti-Chinese Movement in Astoria, Oregon, and the Chinese Cannery WorkersRoom 1442nd place
10:10Jena Beachner, Natasha YoungDOCUMENTARY: Berlin WallRoom 133not moving on
10:15Ela HancockEXHIBIT BOARD: A Noble Experiment: Prohibition's Effect on American LifestylesSmall Gymnot moving on
10:20Jonah LipovichDOCUMENTARY: The Mormon WarsRoom 141not moving
10:30Adriana Fachiol, Anna McCready, Sophia CarpenterDOCUMENTARY: The Trail of Tears: The Story of the Indian RemovalRoom 1362nd place
10:30Karleigh PotterEXHIBIT BOARD: Small Feet, Big Strides; Conflict and CompromiseSmall Gym1st place

10:30Laila Ronning, Samantha GrossmanEXHIBIT BOARD: Louise de Betignies: An Ally War HeroLarge Gym6th place
11:00Emily PickettDOCUMENTARY: ProhibitionRoom 141semi-finals 
11:20Ava Morris-Crooks, Emily TrostWEBSITE: The Salem Witch Trials: How a Single Person Started it AllRoom 137not moving on

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

NHD 2017 - Taking a Stand in History


These groups are moving onto the WA State competition on Sat April 29, 2017 at Green River Community College, Auburn, WA.  [if you choose to compete] More specific information will be provided next week!

Group Documentary:
Alternates - Grant & Marty
4th Place - Dominic & Ethan
3rd Place - Jacob, Zane, Jordan
2nd Place - Gabby & Kaelyn

Group Performance:

Alternates - Jena, Camila, Natasha
4th Place - Sydney & Lillie
3rd Place - Paige, Anna, Jordan
2nd Place - Chloe & Carter

Individual Exhibit:

2nd Place - Karleigh Potter

Midday 3/4/17 competition  results:

Group documentaries:
Go to room 139 at the following times-
2:00 - Jocelyn & Adriana 
2:15 - Grant & Marty
2:30 - Jacob, Jordan & Zane
2:45 - Gabby & Kaelyn
3:00 - Ethan & Dominic

Finalists in performances: (don't perform again today and will find out ranking and if going onto state at the 5:00 awards tonight)
Carter &Chloe
Paige, Anna, Jordan
Sydney & Lillie
Jena, Camila, Natasha

Exhibit Boards-
Josh Ferguson
Karleigh Potter
Sidney Graham

NHD 2017 Themebook:

Click on the link below to go to a pdf of the themebook that explains all you need to know to get started on the NHD project

Monday, June 6, 2016

Salem Village Map 1692

Here is a link to the Salem Village, 1692.  (The same one that is in your Exhibits packet.)

This one is very clear (better than the copy I gave you), and you can zoom in to see even better:

Here is a great link to people related to the trial:

Modern Day "Afflicted Girls"

This is the video that I showed in class: