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Friday, February 26, 2016

NHD exact locations and times

Chief Umtuch Middle School National History Day Regional Competition 
9:00 Piper Schafte Documentary - The ILWU's Formation Room 135
9:15 Tori Roadifer, Olivia Ledbury, Carson Verity Exhibit -Lola Greene Baldwin Large Gym
9:20 Tyler Minden, Matthew Palmateer, Ethan Barrett, Max Giltner Documentary - Hudson's Bay Company Room 132
9:20 Alex Forstrom Performance - Alexander the Great Room 134
9:30 Kilee Gardiner, Carson Golik, Mallory Meyer Exhibit - The Space Race Large Gym
9:30 Sandra Fachiol, Noel Lantz Exhibit - The Harlem Renaissance Large Gym
9:40 Lillian Reisbick Documentary - Vikings: Their Quest for Damascus Steel Room 139
9:40 Logan Femling & Erik Ronning Documentary - The Viking Expansion from the Nordic Countries Room 132
9:45 Caden Hoyt & Ethan Welch Exhibit -Ernest Shackleton Large Gym
9:45 Jordan McCready, Zane Grevstad & Jacob Clement Exhibit - Pioneering the Pacific Northwest in the 1800s Large Gym
10:15 Lilli Crossley, Hailey Hamilton, Thomas Stimson, Charlie Tripp Exhibit - Percy Fawcett: A British Explorer Large Gym
10:15 Hayden Carpenter, Steven Hancock, Tyler Perry, Grant Stuchlik Exhibit -The Video Game Explosion Large Gym
10:15 Jack Braunschweig & Luca Tesar Website - Hawaii Through the Ages Room 133
10:20 Arlilah Abatayo Documentary - North Korean Defectors: The March of the Suffering Room 135
10:30 Hannah Wirtanen, Sofia Witzel & Ali Nylund Website - Isabella Bird Bishop Room 141
10:45 Rebecca Strizver Paper - Sugar & The Slave Trade Room 138
11:00 Sidney Graham Documentary - Chinese Immigration & Discrimination Room 139
11:00 Joshua Gallagher & Kaelyn White Documentary - The Titanic's Effects on the World Room 131
11:00 Josh Ferguson Exhibit - George Washington Small Gym

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